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NOX is a first-person puzzle game, where the player has to make use of gravity changes, gravity shifts and portals to explore the dreams and nightmares of a child. All this, in a world inspired by the work of Escher.


NOX is a puzzle game, where we play the role of Gabi, an 11-year-old boy/girl who suffers from night terrors and sleep paralysis.

In order to escape from their nightmares, you will have to go deep into their traumas and discover the intricate puzzle that is their life. (1).gif

Paradoxial Spaces

NOX has a series of non-Euclidean spaces, which the player must use to solve different logic puzzles. (6).gif

Everchanging Gravity

Gabi's nightmares are inspired by the work of Escher, The Artist creates space made up of doors that act as portals, curves and ramps that will allow you to make gravity changes through space. (2).gif


In the dreams you will find different drawings made by Gabi, some of them will help you to project new ways to escape from their nightmare. (6).gif (1).gif (2).gif
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